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Linnorie Firewood Services (LFS) - Aberdeenshire & Moray firewood logs supplier: Stove, open fireplace, biomass log boiler

From wood to warmth

At the moment Linnorie Firewood Services (LFS) has no opportunity for a self-employed Partner.


General Description

Your challange

You are a self-employed, LFS- and end-customer-oriented team player who is interested in machinery and wood and
knows exactly that a business needs quality products and an outstanding service to get happy end-customers who are paying the team's expenditures and income.


Tidiness, a sense of responsibility and reliability are characteristics you can call your own. 

You are interested to contribute into the growth and expansion of Linnorie Firewood Services and to broaden your skills and knowledge.

You would not exclude that you would become one day a partner of the business and you are looking for a long-term commitment.

As a service provider you work hand-in-hand alongside our existing Service Providers and report to the Operations Partner. 


You should be familiar with local dialects. 


Working schedule is flexible, mutual agreed in advance and could also allow you to work part-time or during off-peak hours.

LFS Yard Roundwood Stacks & Stocks of Bags

Order Processing

This part could make you outstanding!



  • Give advice to new customers about appropriate firewood

  • Take and process contact details for new customers and record them in the order-processing software 

  • Take and process order details and record them in the order-processing software

  • Prepare the delivery by

    • printing delivery notes and maps

    • checking the weather forecast to schedule deliveries

    • grouping orders within the same area

    • planning the work of the part-time service partners

    • informing customers about delivery schedule

  • Produce the invoices

  • Administer the operational data (working hours, production, stocks).


  • Friendly and welcoming communication skills

  • Customer orientation with a professional and serious attitude

  • Be computer literate and able to learn the software applications.

Linnorie Firewood Services Park Tipping

Other Tasks

Tasks to be attributed according the skills and interests of the different partners 

  • Prepare and lead the team meetings, organise the tasks and review the fulfilment

  • Develop business (products, prices, sales area, retailers)

  • Liaise with harvesting companies and check, buy timber

  • Liaise with quality assurance companies for accreditation

  • Prepare the accounts

  • Liaise and negotiate with insurance companies

  • Maintain, service and repair machinery and tools.


  • Trustworthy, reliability

  • Good housekeeping skills.

2020 LFS Yard-035.JPG

Firewood Processing

All these tasks can be learned when the basics are existing!



  • Check incoming roundwood deliveries​ and paperwork

  • Load the feeding table with roundwood by tractor and frontloader, forklift or tractor and timber trailer

  • Process the roundwood into logs of a specific length with a firewood processor or by chainsaw and vertical splitter

  • Store the filled bags in the shed or in the yard

  • Produce special products and deal with by-products.


  • Accuracy

  • Affinity for machinery (tractor, generator, processsor)

  • Awareness for risks / Health & Saferty.

2021 Machinery compartment.jpg

Storage and Deliveries

This can get pretty busy!



  • Cover products in the yard

  • Check the quality and quantity of stocks

  • Move products from the yard into the delivery zone

  • Load products on customer vehicles or LFS tipper truck

  • Deliver to the customers

    • bags and drop them with the tail lift or

    • loose loads tipped

  • Store away delivered products at customer premises when this service was ordered

  • Administrate returned, empty bags. 


  • Ability to drive a

    • Forklift (training will be provided if necessary)

    • Tipper truck with trailer (3.5t)

    • Tractor

  • Reading maps, local knowledge

  • Ability to use own initiative while working independently away from the yard. 

2018 SCO LFS Linnorie Park Shed Products
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