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Order Info / TC

Sales Units

Volume tipped [NTU]
ou can get most of our products tipped either in your trailer (or transfered by you into your car) or tipped kerbside if delivered.


Or the products come in one of the following forms depending on the product:

Bulk bag [BAG]

  • 1.0m3 (cubic metre) capacity. Size and design of the bags may vary

  • L x W x H:  870 x 1100 x 1000mm

  • breathable FIBC (bulk bag) for both storing and seasoning

  • open top / flat base, lifting and tipping straps

  • Certificated to 500kg or 1000kg

Jumbo bag (if available) [BAG-J]

  • 1.2m3 (cubic metre) capacity

  • Certificated to 500kg or 1000kg

  • 4 slings to lift

  • Size and design of the bags may vary

Builder's bag [BAG-B]

  • 0.9m3 (cubic metre) capacity

  • Certificated to 1000kg

  • 4 slings to lift

  • Size and design of the bags may vary

Barrow sack [SAC]

  • 0.2m3 (cubic metre) capacity / 200 litres

  • L x W x H: 470 x 470 x 900mm

  • 4 x 200mm high web lifting loops at corners

  • Waterproof cover with tie downs

  • Heavy quality breathable 170gsm Woven PP fabric with sunlight protection

  • 250kg safe working load with 5:1 safety factor & Safety label in each sack

  • Size and design of the bags may vary

Prices / VAT

Prices shown are inclusive VAT at a rate of

  • 5% for firewood invoiced to private customers

  • 20% in all other cases.

Please let us know if you need a invoice for your business.


If you would like a delivery and want to know the costs and order on-line, then you need to know the distance from our yard to your premises.

Postcode LFS-Yard: AB54 4PT

Deliveries are only possible during weekdays. The costs are

  • Nets only together with other products

  • £ 6.50 for sacks only combined delivery

  • £15.50 for 4 sacks (that's a discount of of £9.50)

  • £15.50 per bag / 1m3 (cubic metre) tipped

Minimal quantities are

  • up to   5 miles for 1 bag  or m3 or   4 sacks

  • up to 10 miles for 2 bags or m3 or   8 sacks

  • up to 15 miles for 3 bags or m3 or 12 sacks

  • up to 20 miles for 4 bags or m3 or 16 sacks

  • up to 25 miles for 5 bags or m3 or 20 sacks

  • up to 30 miles for 6 bags or m3 or 24 sacks

The maximum quantity may be reduced depending on the weight (type of wood and moisture content) and / or the possibility to manoeuvre the truck with trailer.

Smaller quantities required?

or you opt for a combined delivery

  • Ask neighbours if they need LFS-products to reach the minimum quantity

  • Please ask for the price of small quantities in a combined delivery for more customers where LFS is arranging a delivery date (this option may not always be available)

or you pay an additional delivery fee which is £2.00 per missing volume or:

Fee = Rate per mile one way (£2.00) x (Delivery ​distance - 5 x desired quantity in bags or 1m3)

You live 22 miles from Linnorie Park, Huntly AB54 4PT and you would like to get 3 bags. The fee calculates 

2.00 x (22 - 5 x 3 bags) = 2.00 x 7 = £14.00 incl. VAT


  • The exact date and time for the delivery will be mutually agreed between the customer and LFS.

  • Severe weather conditions may make a delivery impossible or may affect the product quality (rain for seasoned firewood). Therefore LFS will get in contact with the customer to discuss appropriate solutions. 

  • Delivery can be executed by LFS or subcontractors employed by LFS.

  • First time customers are kindly asked to be present when the first delivery takes place to show exactly where to products should be dropped or stored (when this additional service was agreed).

  • Customers ensure accessability for the proposed transport vehicle and that no obstruction is preventing a efficient and safe delivery. If LFS cannot gain access to the place of unloading additional costs may be incurred.

Delivery Vehicles

  • 3.5t tipper truck 1 to 4m3

  • 3.5t truck with ifor trailer up to 8m3

  • 3.5t dropside truck with hydraulic crane (reach 4m)

  • Tractor with tipping trailer and cover 20.0m3  

  • Lorry for bags and pallets up to 22 bags and 14 pallets

  • Artic lorry with tipping trailer 90m3

  • Artic lorry with walking floor trailer 90m3 for unloading places with restricted height 

  • or do you want us to fill your own trailer or containers (e.g. potato boxes)?


Self-collected means from Linnorie Park, Huntly, AB54 4PT or from our place compost yard.


A deposit to ensure safe return applies for bags, sacks and pallets. The deposit is refunded

  • Cash when you return the bags / sacks to ​the depot and the invoice incl. the deposit was already issued or

  • In all other cases is deducted by LFS from a non issued invoice 

  • No deposit is refunded for damaged bags, sacks or pallets with posts.

  •  free for nets [NET]  

  •   £ 4.00 for sack [SAC]      

  •   £ 6.00 for Bag [BAG]      

  •   £10.00  Pallet [PAL]      


Normally purchases are invoiced via email or the invoice is sent as a receipt when paid cash​​

  • Payments are due upfront for first-time customers

  • Payments are due 30 days after invoice date

  • For first time customers, quantities of 20m3 or more or in special circumstances LFS may ask for a prepayment

  • Payments can be made to LFS by cash, cheque or bank transfer

  • No payments by Credit Card 

  • Purchases under £20.00 are paid cash.​


All products are subject to availability. Weights are approximate indication. 

In these conditions of sale:

  • LFS means Linnorie Firewood Services. Linnorie Park, Huntly, AB54 4PT, Aberdeenshire, Scotland. 

  • The Customer means any person contracting with LFS for the supply of LFS-products or LFS-services.

  • These conditions of contract are attached to every written quote.

Services and Products

  • We are interested in forming long-term relationships. We are proud of the quality of our products and put all the effort needed in our services to get the best value for money for our customers. In the event that customers are not totally satisfied with their purchase, they should contact LFS and we will be happy to assist.

  • For seasoned logs (firewood) the moisture content (MC wet basis) and the weight will be measured before the delivery and communicated on the invoice.

  • Wood is a natural, organic product. It may decompose after 3 to 4 years depending on storage conditions.

  • LFS always tries to get enough stock for each product, but availability cannot be guaranteed, especially due to bad weather conditions. In these cases customers with reservations will get priority.

All prices shown with the products and services are self-collection in £ incl. VAT.
Prices are without deposit for Sacks, Bags or Pallets.

Place an Order? 

The quick way for existing customers:

  • click here:

  • or send a text to 07365804428

  • either say: "the same again" or "another load"

  • or make any changes you wish (e.g. wood type, quantity, length)

  • but you dont need to enter all the contact details, as long as they have not changed since the last order.

The way for new customers:

  • send us an email

  • our published prices apply to most customers

  • discounts are only available if the transport can be done in a cheaper way

Some options for how to move or transport the products

Weighing Pallet Truck

Pallet truck for movements on hard surfa

Small trailer 6m3

Small tipping Trailer for 6m3 delivery

Artic Trailer 90m3

Artic Lorry 90m3 of Firewood logs

Rough Terrain Truck

Rough Terrain Pallet Truck

Tipper, Dropside Crane

Delivery truck with crane.jpg

enough for the Isles

Delivery Aberdeen Aberdeenshire Moray and farther


Forklift Pincer big roundwood.jpg

Trailer 20m3 tipping Skip

Grain Trailer 20m3 of Firewood filled wi

Small trailer 4m3

ifor Trailer 8x5 4m3 with green logs as

Flatbed Trailer 32m3

Flatbed Trailer with 32 bags of Firewood
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