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About Linnorie Firewood Services

In 2013 the idea was born to go for a biomass log boiler at Linnorie House that supplies 4 neighbouring houses. This is probably one of Huntly's first district heating systems. For Linnorie House, 2 cottages and another dwelling 25 tonnes of firewood are needed in an average year. The owners and participants were interested in high efficiency (supply, processing, transporting). Therefore they invested in machines and tools to run things smoothly.

Linnorie Firewood Services

End of 2014 there was an oportunity to buy a field adjacent to Linnorie House. And with the new sustainability criteria of RHI (Renewable Heat Initiative) the decision was taken to put all the assets into a partnership and to become a Producer-Trader for solid biomass fuel (logs) and BSL authorised.
The partnership is operating as Linnorie Firewood Services (LFS).

LFS Firewood Production.jpg


LFS's main target is to supply the Northeast of Scotland (Aberdeenshire and Moray) in a professional way

  • with good quality firewood

  • from sustainable managed forests in the Northeast

  • at comparable units (weight and moisture content)

  • at affordable prices (fair)

  • with a customer oriented attitude (flexible and fast)

  • on a longterm basis

  • and with cooperations with third parties that are adding value for our customers.

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Our investments - your savings

There are different degrees of automation in the wood processing industry. We decided to invest in machinery to be state-of-the-art in efficiency and effectiveness. 


You can benefit within your requirements from these investments by low prices, especially as a longterm customer.


To see the different degrees of automation see the gallery below. 
For a full screen picture double click the image.

Hakki 43Pro.JPG

Environment & Sustainability

Ecological criminals who don't care about the future of our children are exploiting the forests in some countries without caring about the redevelopment and management of the forests. Why should we pay them when the resources are here in the Northeast and could give families a living right here? We can reduce wood miles! The cheapest is not always the best.

By choosing LFS you are making a responsible choice.

From 5 October 2015 the fuel used by RHI participants must meet the new RHI sustainability requirements, consisting of a greenhouse gas (GHG) emissions limit and specific land criteria. The participants must meet these requirements to continue to receive their payments. The easiest way is to buy the firewood from a BSL authorised trader like LFS.

2018 SCO LFS SW Roundwood roadside Tilly
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