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Here is some important information about Renewable Heat Initiative (RHI) and the Biomass Suppliers List (BSL). LFS does not accept any responsibilities resulting from the information shown on this page. For the relevant or further information please go to the original websites.


Get all the documents to make sure that your firewood is compliant and ecologically friendly

Everywhere there are owners of woods who are harvesting whatever is possible to get some money. They are normally cheaper but don't care too much about the next generation and cannot produce the required documents to prove sustainability (RHI / BSL).


LFS supplies all the details on the invoice so you will never conflict with HMRC, Ofgem (RHI) or other authorities. And the good thing is knowing that by the firewood you burn, the forests in Aberdeenshire and Moray are not negatively affected and will continue to be places to spend your leisure time. 


The BSL is defined as a list of four fuel types: firewood, chip, pellets and briquettes. The BSL is not a list of raw materials. Raw materials are set to undergo further processing (e.g. cutting, drying, chipping) before they are used in a boiler. A fuel is something that will not undergo any further processing before it is used in a boiler. 

This means:

  1. When somebody needs a BSL Authorisation Number the logs need to be seasoned

  2. When somebody is asking for Firewood it has to be seasoned

  3. When somebody delivers green logs with BSL Authorisation Number to you, you could bring your RHI-eligibility in danger.

If you have a shed to season the green logs we will help you to benefit from our attractive prices for green logs. We can apply for a "Depot BSL Authorisation Number" at your address. It is as easy as that!

The following information is a copy of the document bsl Applications and Audit Guidance (Issue 1.6, page 33)

Invoice details when BSL authorised firewood is needed
Linnorie Firewood Services (LFS) - Aberdeenshire & Moray firewood logs supplier: Biomass suppliers list invoice requirements
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