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Linnorie Firewood Services (LFS) is your Supplier / Merchant for Logs in Aberdeenshire and Moray. LFS is one of the few all year round and full-time working firewood producers to sell best quality Hardwood and Softwood and to provide a professional, local service to keep customers warm during the complete heating season.

The roundwood / timber origins from the nearby forests of Aberdeenshire and Moray. The logs are well seasoned and ready to burn with moisture contents less than 20%. Green logs to fill the customer's sheds for the next heating period are during certain periods also available. We will promote such opportunities. 

LFS sells as by-products gardening products such as bark, compost, mulch and wood chips and also sells shavings for animal bedding (at the moment there is a waiting list of potential customers). LFS does not sell roundwood / timber. 

LFS is located near the Huntly roundabout and delivers to Aberdeen, Aberdeenshire and Moray. During the opening hours you are welcome for self-collection.



Dear LFS-Customers - Thank you

Many thanks for being a loyal and regular customer with the understanding of the firewood market and its seasons.

It is always motivating to speak to kind, friendly persons who are planning ahead and know that weather is a key factor in this market (for seasoning as well as for delivering).

We try to do whatever is in our control to keep you and your beloved ones warm through the winter and we analyse every feedback to improve.

2021 LFS -002.jpg

Operation: Area and Time

Please see the area of operation on the map below.

We are open

  • Mon - Thu 8.00 - 12.30 and 13.00 - 17.00

  • Fri       8.00 - 12.30 and 13.00 - 15.00

  • Sat       8.30 - 12.30 and 13.00 - 15.00

  • Sun       closed

You can leave us a message or drop an email at any time and we will get back to you. This is also during the week the safest method because while operating the machines it is not always possible to pick up the phone or it is sometimes pretty loud. 


..and please remember: to be fair we strictly apply the rule




Occasionally you may be lucky that we have some spare capacity to include your delivery and you get the it pretty quick, but

it is in any case a soon as possible

Map areas of delivery ABERDEENSHIRE MORA

Softwood 250mm tipped loose

This may be of interest if you are looking for softwood logs 250mm / 10'' tipped loose either self-collected into your trailer or stacked into your boot or delivered kerbside.

To increase the volume we can store in our yard, part of our production is now stored in potato boxes of 1.6m3 (35cub ft).

If available you may choose or may be asked if you would like to take a combination of tipped bags and boxes, e.g.

  • 1 / 1.6 / 2 / 2.6 / 3 / 3.2 / 4 / 4.2 / 4.8 / 5m3
    potato box (1.6m3) and bags (1m3) combination.

The price per m3 (cubm) is exactly the same than the one for the tipped bags. We can tip the boxes with our box rotator into our tipper truck or in to any appropriate trailer. 

LFS 1.6m3 SW box.jpg

Naturally seasoned vs. kiln dried

Quite often we are asked: "Should I buy kiln dried logs?"

Here are some facts: 

  • 1kg of softwood oven dry has a calorific value of 5.3kWh
    (theoretical moisture content MC of 0%)

  • 1kg of firewood MC 20% or lower is about 4.3kWh

  • to kiln 1kg needs approximately 1kWh

  • Natural drying helps to fight global warming because

    1. No additional energy is used

    2. Logs are always trying to reach a equilibrium with the ambient air. To evaporate water from the logs during dry weather, the needed energy is taken from the ambient air, which becomes cooler.
      So if you walk through the shed on a really warm day  
      you can feel the colder ambience.

  • The reverse process happens when the kiln dried or seasoned logs are exposed to a ambient air that contains higher humidity (fog, periods of rain). The moisture content is raising again.

  • Years ago we experienced that kiln dried products shipped by container were affected by condensation. That is the reason why these days we only sell local grown logs and we do not sell kiln dried firewood.

Therefore kiln dried firewood may be an option if the products are not stored outside at the merchant's or at your premises (not even if sheltered from rain) and if you don't mind about the additional energy that is used.

EMC graph.svg.png

Upgraded Delivery Possibilities

It seems that periods of fine and wet weather are lasting much longer these days. This means that we have to deliver bigger quantities in a short time. That is the reason we have now two delivery vans: 

  • a tipper truck and

  • a dropside truck with a crane (reach 4m). At the customer premises the bags can be just dropped, put on a customer pallet or emptied with the crane if the customer wishes us to do so.

LFS Delivery.jpg

LFS buys Timber HW / SW

LFS does not sell any timber as this would be very inefficient (loading, haulage, unloading at our yard and the same again afterwards at your premises!). LFS is always interested to buy timber of good quality. Ideally

  • 3m length and  up to 420mm / 16.5''

  • but we may also be interested in longer and bulkier timber

  • LFS has a 10t timber trailer and can collect timber in the Huntly area.

We buy your roundwood / timber

Thank you - we invest for you

We would like to thank everybody who helped us to increase our work force and to those who showed a serious interest in our business. We also appreciate all customers who promote our products and services by word-of-mouth recommendation or help us to improve by any feedback.

2021 Vehicles .jpg

On-site Customer work

In the Huntly area we also do work for customers on-site if the work can be planed ahead and we have the skills. 

Job at customer premises

2021 Job at a Customer.jpg

Dear potential Customers

First of all thank you very much for your interest in our business.

Probably because of lower quantities of crates and timber imported from the Baltic countries by our competitors, soaring electricity and gas prices we experienced a sharp increase in the figure of new customers in early autumn.


October and November were so wet that the huge amount of logs in our yard is not seasoning as quickly as normal and the power cut for several days with big firewood consumption reduced the available stock to cover the months to come as well.


For these reasons and to keep our big number of existing and regular customers warm during the whole heating season
we decided not to take on new customers for the moment. We have huge amounts of cut and split logs, but we only sell them when it's the right quality.
We apologise for any inconvenience.


For all those who don't want to struggle finding a firewood merchant in the next heating season we recommend to send us your the complete contact details per email so we can inform you about the promotion in spring time and make you a customer before the real heating season 2022 and especially the festive season will start.

2021 LFS Night beam light-003.jpg

Adverse weather / winter roads

Please also take into consideration that as a result of the wintry weather conditions things may take for Health & Safety reasons a little bit longer, especially when the roads are covered with snow and ice and Santa must be allowed to pass.

  • plan ahead - last minute is not always a good idea

  • don’t hoard we try to keep all our existing customers warm

  • the time to fill the sheds for next winter will come in springtime and we will inform about the promotion by email

And please remember that it is not us making the weather and we just have to take it as it comes like everybody else as well.

For orders received after 11 December deliveries cannot be guaranteed.​

Winter roads.jpg

Timber prices

The world is getting mad. Timber is nowadays an international commodity. Since last year the timber / roundwood prices went up 22% and you realised yourself the increase in fuel prices. Others already had to increase their prices for firewood some months ago.


LFS avoided to do so during the pandemic and as long as it was possible. We feel sorry but as the tax man does not classify us as a charity we needed to adjust the prices for firewood and deliveries by October 1st 2021.

The product prices for bark, mulch and shavings will remain the same for the time being.

Delivery truck with crane.jpg

How to find us

Our tidy yard with direct access from the main road is easy to find on the A97, 250m south from the Huntly roundabout direction to Rhynie. The roundles with the yellow letters

LFS (Linnorie Firewood Services) can easily be seen.

2021 LFS Sign (2a).jpg

Important - Coronavirus

Situation updated 14/08/2021:


The pandemic is not yet over and until things are settled we still have to take care, but your are welcomed to self-collect our products. For gardening products please make sure that they are available.


Please still respect social distancing of 2m.

For payment we prefer bank transfers, but we accept cash or cheques.

We hope everybody stays well and those affected will recover quickly. Take care and thanks for your support and your understanding.

LFS-Yard AB54 4PT.jpg

Happy Customer

This customer will have a quiet summer once the logs are in their compartments and waiting to cheer up the hearts of the family once it will get colder again. 

LFS 20m3 Farm Trailer.jpg


We are now in our 7th year of operation and every year we had to turn away potential customers to keep our existing, regular and loyal customers as happy as possible under the given weather conditions.

LFS converted the yard and is now able to buy and pre-season much bigger quantities of roundwood / timber, as well as to store processed logs to become seasoned. 

LFS Roundwood - Timber - Products..jpg

Explore LFS: Services & Products


self-collection from Sutherland, Skye or Edinburgh

Order Details
Terms of Condition

This section tells you about

  • Opening hours

  • Sales units e.g. nets, barrow sacks and different bags

  • Deliveries and minimal quantities with different vehicles

  • Payment / general terms.

Firewood Products Swedish Log Fire.JPG

Firewood Products
Swedish Fire Candle

For a nice BBQ on the patio to keep the midges away a Swedish Fire Candle with the starting material is the right choice.

LFS Services - What we can do for you

Firewood and other

LFS offers a range of bespoke and modular services / activities in the field of firewood production and biomass log boilers to fit your requirements best.

Gardening Products Compost delivered loose

Garden Products
Organic Compost

Our organic compost is ideal for flower and rhododendron beds as well as vegetable plots. 


It consists of rotten bark, sawdust, leaves and garden waste, but LFS never puts weedsinto the compost.​

Hardwood 300mm Silverbirch Bag

Firewood Logs
Hardwood & Softwood

The term firewood should only be used if the moisture content of the logs is lower than 20%. The standard selling unit is 1 cubic metre of loose logs. The logs can be tipped or in permeable bags of 1m3 dropped either in your vehicle (self-collection) or kerbside (delivery)​.

Special Products Heart Coaster

Special Products

We love what we do!


We also do special jobs like coasters or stands for flower arrangements for special occasions e.g. weddings or just a simple splitting block. For schools we procude seats for outdoor lessons.

Animal Bedding Shavings Sawdust

Animal Bedding
Shavings / Sawdust

Our shavings are well appreciated by equestrians, sheep breeders / farmers and other animal owners as a clean and economic material for bedding. 

The shavings are also used by gardeners, e.g. to protect strawberries.

Gardening Products Mulch

Garden Products

Our mulch is ideal for shrub beds and paths. It is shredded from waste such as branches of the production and  garden and it conserves

  • the soil moist

  • improves the​ fertility and health of the soil

  • reduces weed growth

  • enhaces the visual appeal.

Firewood Kindling Net

Firewood Products

For a quick start of the fire it is useful to have some kindling. There are different kinds and sizes of sales units.  

Firewood Service Stowe away

Firewood Service
Stow away & stack

We do it for you!

If you don't have the time or don't like to do it or want to do a favour to your beloved ones then ask us to stow the products away.

Garden products Aberdeenshire & Moray

Garden Products

Our bark is ideal for shrub beds and paths. It is the bark that fell off the timber and it conserves

  • the soil moist

  • improves the​ fertility and health of the soil

  • reduces weed growth

  • enhaces the visual appeal.

Gardening Products Wood Chips

Garden Products
Wood Chips

Our wood chips are the right choice for playgrounds (here Sunshine Nursery in Torphins), riding arenas or garden paths and beds. It is produced from chipped roundwood with fuel quality and it conserves

  • the soil moist

  • reduces weed growth

  • enhances the visual appeal.

We are working hard to be efficient, ...

LFS moving roundwood / timber

Customer-oriented and ...

Delivery Aberdeen Aberdeenshire Moray and farther


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