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LFS Summary

Linnorie Firewood Services (LFS) is your Supplier / Merchant



Firewood best quality Logs, Kindling

  • Hardwood and Softwood

  • Lengths 250/300/400mm, SW also 500mm, green bespoken lengths available

  • seasoned, moisture content <20%, READY TO BURN, BSL accredited

  • nets, barrow-sacks, 1 cubic metre loose in bags or tipped or 1.6 cubic metre tipped

  • bulk loads up to 20 cubic metre 

Sawdust (animal bedding)

Bark, Mulch, Wood-chips, Compost
bespoken products like coaster, Swedish candles.

Services / Delivery Area

  • deliveries of products in Aberdeenshire and Moray loose tipped or bags dropped

  • stow away 

For face-to-face information / orders or self-collection our yard with direct access from the main road is easy to find on the A97, 250m south from the Huntly roundabout direction to Rhynie. The billet bundles with the yellow letters 'L' 'F' 'S' (Linnorie Firewood Services) can be seen.

It is safer for you if you inform us by text, email, mobile the day before your visit, so somebody is in the yard or the product is available in best quality.


Business hours
operating all year around full-time working firewood producers with a professional, regional service to keep customers warm during the complete heating season

Mon - Thu 08.00 - 12.30 and
          13.00 - 17.00

Fri       08.00 - 12.30 and
          13.00 - 15.00

Sat       closed
Sun       closed


From approx. April to September (during the heating season) there is one person in the yard from 8.30 to 15.00 for self-collections, but there are no deliveries.


Mobile/Text: 07365 804 428


Please remember:

  • when we are driving, serving customers in the yard or operating machines we are restricted to answer the mobile.
    Please send a text or an email and we answer as soon as possible

  • to be fair we strictly apply the rule: FIRST COME - FIRST SERVED

  • but it is in any case a soon as possible. 

LFS does not sell roundwood / timber. The timber origins from the nearby forests of Aberdeenshire and Moray.

Where is our yard?

2021 LFS Sign (2a)-001.jpg

We are proud of our products

LFS Roundwood - Timber - Products..jpg

Where do we operate?

Map areas of delivery ABERDEENSHIRE MORA

Softwood Spring Promotion


Ready to Burn certificate for LFS

R2B LOGO.jpg

LFS buys Timber HW / SW

WOOD PROCUREMENT 2020-10_edited_edited.jpg

Explore LFS: Services & Products 

Order Details
Terms of Condition

self-collection from Sutherland, Skye or Edinburgh

This section tells you about

  • Opening hours

  • Sales units e.g. nets, barrow sacks and different bags

  • Deliveries and minimal quantities with different vehicles

  • Payment / general terms.

Firewood Products
Swedish Fire Candle

Firewood Products Swedish Log Fire.JPG

For a nice BBQ on the patio to keep the midges away a Swedish Fire Candle with the starting material is the right choice.

Firewood and other

LFS Services - What we can do for you

LFS offers a range of bespoke and modular services / activities in the field of firewood production and biomass log boilers to fit your requirements best.

Garden Products
Organic Compost

Gardening Products Compost delivered loose

Our organic compost is ideal for flower and rhododendron beds as well as vegetable plots. 


It consists of rotten bark, sawdust, leaves and garden waste, but LFS never puts weeds into the compost.​

Please note that due to excessive weight we can only deliver 2m3 locally.

Firewood Logs
Hardwood & Softwood

Hardwood 300mm Silverbirch Bag

The term firewood should only be used if the moisture content of the logs is lower than 20%. The standard selling unit is 1 cubic metre of loose logs. The logs can be tipped or in permeable bags of 1m3 dropped either in your vehicle (self-collection) or kerbside (delivery)​.

Special Products

Special Products Heart Coaster

We love what we do!


We also do special jobs like coasters or stands for flower arrangements for special occasions e.g. weddings or just a simple splitting block. For schools we procude seats for outdoor lessons.

Animal Bedding
Shavings / Sawdust

Animal Bedding Shavings Sawdust

Our shavings are well appreciated by equestrians, sheep breeders / farmers and other animal owners as a clean and economic material for bedding. 

The shavings are also used by gardeners, e.g. to protect strawberries.

Garden Products

Gardening Products Mulch

Our mulch is ideal for shrub beds and paths. It is shredded from waste such as branches of the production and  garden and it conserves

  • the soil moist

  • improves the​ fertility and health of the soil

  • reduces weed growth

  • enhaces the visual appeal.

Firewood Products

Firewood Kindling Net

For a quick start of the fire it is useful to have some kindling. There are different kinds and sizes of sales units.  

Firewood Service
Stow away & stack

Firewood Service Stowe away

We do it for you!

If you don't have the time or don't like to do it or want to do a favour to your beloved ones then ask us to stow the products away.

Garden Products

Garden products Aberdeenshire & Moray

Our bark is ideal for shrub beds and paths. It is the bark that fell off the timber and it conserves

  • the soil moist

  • improves the​ fertility and health of the soil

  • reduces weed growth

  • enhaces the visual appeal.

Garden Products
Wood Chips

Gardening Products Wood Chips

Our wood chips are the right choice for playgrounds (here Sunshine Nursery in Torphins), riding arenas or garden paths and beds. It is produced from chipped roundwood with fuel quality and it conserves

  • the soil moist

  • reduces weed growth

  • enhances the visual appeal.

We are working hard to be efficient, ...

LFS moving roundwood / timber

Customer-oriented and ...

Delivery Aberdeen Aberdeenshire Moray and farther


LFS Hakki 43Pro
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