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Ancient times
LFS Linnorie Firewood Services - Impressions 1
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LFS Linnorie Firewood Services - Impressions 2 
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Here you can see videos from LFS and youtube. You can find a lot of information and handy tips by posting any keywords in one of the search engines. But don't forget the old saying:
"Processing wood makes you sweat a lot of times, if you don't do it in an efficient way."
1. to fell timber, 2. to load and haul, 3. to chop, 4. to split, 5. to stack, 6. to take from stack and bring the logs inside, and 7. last but not least to put wood in the fireplace, stove or boiler... even during the warm season. Therefore think of the right sales format and the logistical aspects.

2:58 Timber delivery with artic lorry to Linnorie Park

LFS can easily store hundreds of tonnes of roundwood and is close to the junction A96 / A97

Linnorie Firewood Services (LFS) can easily store hundreds of tonnes of roundwood. This roundwood can either be bought by LFS or belong to a customer.

The premises are close to the junction of the trunk roads A96 / A97 (Huntly roundabout).









3:59 Loading the feeder of the wood processor

with the John Deere 2650

LFS can either do this job with the forklift or like in this video with the John Deere tractor and the muck fork.









3:13 Loading the feeder of the wood processor

with the Yale forklift

LFS can either do this job with the tractor and the fork or like in this video with the forklift.









3:59 Efficient firewood processing

Up to 420mm diametres and logs of 600mm length with 13.5 tonnes of pressure against the splitter head. The logs are put directly into a

- trailer (could also be yours) 

- big bucket or tipping skip to be tipped into big trailers (artic lorry, farm trailers)

- bag or wooden boxes to season in our yard

- or your own containers.









4:00 Filling big artic or farm trailers with green logs directly from the wood processor

by means of a tipping skip

  • with the unique ‘4 way entry’ base

  • manual operation and automatic tipping at high level without leaving the safety of the seat

  • contains 1 cubic metre and makes it easy to supply the volume required by the customer (no could be estimations) 








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Don't take it too serious

2:51 Maker Series: Artisanal Firewood - This Is That

We don't go that far as it could be a wee bit pricey! But when you wish us to do so - then we will do it.

This Is That profiles Smoke & Flame, a Vancouver artisanal firewood company that is selling bundles of kindling for $1000.











2:46 Traditional music: folk song lyrics "Logs to Burn"

With logs from LFS you can enjoy a cold winter day. Maybe with this traditional song?

Logs to Burn


Logs to burn, logs to burn,

Logs to save the coal a turn,

Here's a word to make you wise,


When you hear the woodsman cry.

Beechwood fires burn bright and clear, Hornbeam blazes too,

If the logs are kept a year, to season through and through.


Oaken logs will warm you well, if they're old and dry,

Larch logs of pinewood smell but the sparks will fly.


Pine is good and so is Yew for warmth through wintry days,

The Poplar and the Willow too, they take too long to blaze.


Birch logs will burn too fast, Alder scarce at all, Chestnut logs are good to last, cut them in the fall.


Holly logs will burn like wax, you should burn them green,

Elm logs like smouldering flax, no flames with them are seen.


Pear logs and Apple logs, they will scent your room,

Cherry logs, across the dogs, they smell like flowers in bloom.


Ash logs, so smooth and gray, burn them green or old,

Buy up all that come your way they're worth their weight in gold.


Trad: English From singing of Johnny Collins AG apr97. The lyrics were originally written as a poem  in 1926 by Honor Goodhart

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Firewood by LFS for customers with stoves, open fireplaces and log boilers in the area of
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or even farther away ... depending on quantities, self-collecting or combined deliveries

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