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If you have special requirements or want to know how you can reduce your heating bill, contact us.
The LFS Services are described in more detail below. If you are just looking for 1 to 3 bulk bags of seasoned firewood,
then click the link to Standard Products.

Procure roundwood

This service can also be provided by the customer. Bring your wood or buy roundwood yourself!

LFS or you can

  • Evaluate suppliers of roundwood such as the Forestry Commission Scotland or private owners (including yourself) of hardwood and softwood

  • Assure compliance with the requirements of Ofgem for the Renewable Heat Initiative (RHI) and the Biomass Suppliers List (BSL)

  • Source the wood supply, make sure the roundwood is suitable for the woodprocessor (diameter and shape), negotiate details, sign contract.

Transport roundwood

This service can also be provided by the customer.

LFS or you can

  • Decide on the quantity
    (Smaller amounts which are lying by the roadside in our area we can transport ourselves.)

  • Evaluate haulers for artic lorry loads
    (LFS even has customers who transport their roundwood with a van and a trailer to Linnorie Park to be stored and processed when desired. Everything is possible!).

Don't get your place messy with fallen off bark, stones and other waste that was picked up by the grab crane or by the lorry tyres when the weather in the forest was not the best.

Cut & split roundwood

LFS only (for Health and Safety reasons)

  • Cut & split the roundwood to your required length up to 600mm

    • This is normally done with the wood processor

    • Diametres bigger than 420mm or 16'' are cut with chainsaw and split with a manual splitter.

Prepare sales units

This service can also be supported by the customer


  • fill tipping trailers directly with green logs via conveyor from the wood processor
    (This is the cheapest way as nothing needs to be stored for seasoning and be taken out of the store for delivery. But in this case you need to have a shelter to season the logs.)


But maybe you don't want a heap of dumped logs but want to move units after delivery, e.g. from a shelter to the boiler (house). In this case or if you need large quantities it may be well worth considering the services listed below: 

LFS (maybe with your involvement)

  • fill loose logs in permeable bulk bags with slings

  • stack logs on pallets with posts

  • stack logs as circular bundles.


Our sales units are described in the Products section.

Season firewood

This service can also be provided by the customer. Just use your shed or shelter!

LFS or you 

  • store the logs in well ventilated sheds or under covers
    Hardwood needs at least 2 years of seasoning, while Softwood which is cut in the early months of the year is ready by the start of the colder season.)

  • measure periodically the moisture content to garantuee values under 20%

  • take the sales units out of store and prepare the delivery.

Produce Wood Chip Fuel

This service must be planned well ahead

LFS always sorts small roundwood up to 160mm that is ready to be chipped to quality wood fuel.

You may have your own small roundwood.

Chip Wood Waste

This service can also be supported by the customer


  • chips small roundwood (up 160mm), branches, twigs into quality garden mulch

  • the mulch is either used by the customer or will be offset against the costs for chipping

  • The mulch can be piled, baged or put in sacks for a sack-barrow.

This service is normally available in a 15 miles radius from our depot at Huntly.​

Transport product

This service can also be provided by the customer. Just use your trailer or one you can borrow!

LFS or you can

  • Make a decision on the right means of transport. This depends on

    • the format of the sales units (loose volume, permeable bulk bags, pallets, circular bundles)

    • the quantity (weight and volume)

    • the distance

    • the access at customer's premises.

(LFS can deliver trailers by van, tipping trailers 5.6m3 or 18.4m3 or pallet / bale trailer by tractor or, for very large quantities, 90m3 artic lorry. We are always proposing the best value for money.) 

  • measure the moisture content (wet basis). Our customers are getting the exact value when their firewood is delivered

  • load the product(s)

  • stow the delivered firewood into your shed / shelter.
    (as this is not an included service, please see price on the page "Products & Prices", section Firewood!)


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Firewood by LFS for customers with stoves, open fireplaces and log boilers in the area of
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