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Timber Market and adapted Firewood Prices

All those of you who are or were looking to get a load of roundwood / timber for private use, experienced probably numerous phone calls, uncertainty, an endless procedure and at the end the disappointment not to get what you were looking for.

We were put off with promised timber as well and we tried to buy material from esales and learned that the price of our bid was far too low. 

To guarantee high quality in the future we will take actions and realise projects to assure availability of the firewood products also for the approximately 120 potential customers we had to send away as a consequence of our decision made in December not to take on new customers. 

While some competitors used the tough winter months and high demands for a price increase, our last price increase was in January 2018. Since then the Consumer Price Index (CPI) increased by 3.9% and the average timber price increased by 15%. With the new financial year starting the 6th of April and knowing times are hard due the crisis Coronavirus causes but as a business that hopes not to need any support from the Government as others are more in need of it, we have to adapt our prices.

The LFS-Team managed to become even more efficient, so we only have to compensate the prices for the timber - all other prices (especially for the by-products e.g. Kindling, Sawdust, Compost, Mulch) remain the same.

But the good news is that we also have a promotion in 2020 to keep the heating bill low (see next paragraph). 


Canny Savers fill their Log Sheds now - best prices!

Details and Terms & Conditions


The offer is

  1. valid for all orders placed from 1th April through till end of May 2020

  2. for unseasoned softwood at your required length (minimum length 250mm, maximum length 600mm)

  3. exclusively for loading directly into your or our open trailers (this means no bags, pallets, bundles or loading it manually into the car)

  4. not for products sold by weight, as for unseasoned logs the weight varies depending on the moisture content.

The softwood logs will be seasoned by end of late summer if they are stored appropriately.  


Please note: to avoid legislation and regulations for heating systems with firewood becoming prohibitive: burning green logs is inefficient, is polluting the air and damaging the stove or boiler.

For self-collecting

  • you may park your trailer by appointment in our secured yard to be filled. Please note that the gate is closed at the moment because of the precautions we had to establish as a consequence of Coronavirus.

  • times for parking and loading your trailer or a later pickup to be agreed in advance

  • the trailer requires to be fit for purpose

  • for efficiency and safety reasons we are unable to offer an unexpected drive-through service, because we may be processing a different product (type of wood or length)

  • the volume will be measured and invoiced by m3 loose logs (cubic metres)

  • minimum volume self-collected is 2m3. You may increase the volume by side boards

    • but please take the allowed loading weight into consideration!

    • calculate weight per cubic metre with approximately 420kg/m3.

  • Softwood 250mm or 300mm will be priced at £45 per cubic metre self-collected or £56 per m3 delivered.

  • Softwood 400mm or 500mm will be priced at £40 per cubic metre self-collected or £51 per m3 delivered.

For opening hours, deliveries and minimum quantities please click the button below.

For volumes over 7m3 contact us to discuss your requirements.

Coronavirus - Goverment Order

Situation updated 06/04/2020: YOUR WELLBEING IS OUR #1 PRIORITY

Self-collection is only possible by appointment if we can load a trailer and you stay in the car (drive-through). 

Phone: 07365 804428

As a business of the utility sector we still can deliver to your premises without closer contact. We only accept cash or cheques in envelopes, but prefer bank transfers.

  1. Please do only order what is needed urgently and now. Our customer base is so widely spread over Aberdeenshire or Moray that the minimal quantity rule to avoid delivery surcharge fee needs rarely to be applied as there is nearly always a combined delivery possible 

  2. Be social and think of the others!! Every bag or m3 bought too much, lowers the quality or makes somebody else feel cold.
    We always try to keep our customers warm and happy. Hopefully the warmer weather will come and cheer us up a bit. 


Please apologise when we have to be consequent and not everything is going the normal way. At the end of the day there is only one thing that counts: We want to see each other again, strong and healthy, having a chat and that hopefully by no later than a couple of months.

We hope everybody stays well and those affected will recover quickly.

Thanks for your support and your understanding.

Linnorie Firewood Services Team


Maybe you should have a look at the Job site to see how you can participate in a growing business

We are looking to boost our team, Go to the job page and if you are interested send us your CV.



You will get a response, but for a meeting we will have to wait!

We love what we do

We are also doing special jobs like coasters or stands for flower arrangements for special occasions e.g. weddings

Please be aware that from April onwards on Saturdays the yard is manned by appointment only


Don't worry!

Our ex-partner and owner of the field Southwest of the roundabout asked us to remove the LFS-sign and banner. 

Don't worry Linnorie Firewood Services is still at the same place and trying to keep everybody happy. The banner and the signature sign will be errected again.

Watch what you will get!

Please be aware when choosing a firewood supplier that you don't choose one who tries to attract you by a cheap price and then compensates the high market prices for timber / roundwood by not supplying the right volume.


cheaper Price x inadequate Volume = dearer Firewood

It is crucial that you can rely on the correct volume to be delivered or self-collected. A ifor-trailer which takes 4m3 of loose logs does not contain 3m3 when it is short of being half-full.

Also be aware that the volume "loose" shrinks by approximately 35% once it is "stacked" by you or by us depending on how nicely it is done.

About us

LFS is a partnership to supply the Northeast with affordable, high quality firewood on a professional relationship with longterm customers.

If you are no longer satisfied with doing blind bargains of mediocre quality, then LFS is your supplier.

LFS is easily accessible just south of the Huntly roundabout, where the A97 joins the A96.


LFS is purpose built to process firewood in an efficient way to allow affordable prices.

Services & Products

Well seasoned Hard- and Softwood Logs of different Lengths

Linnorie Firewood Services (LFS) provides services and products in the field of renewable heat from hardwood or softwood logs. Our customers may require smaller quantities to have a cosy fire in a stove or open fireplace during the cold winter days or feed biomass log boilers (stand-alone or district heating systems) needing large quantities delivered in time. 

There is also a range of by-products such as

  • Kindling

  • Sawdust for animal owners / equestrians in small or big quantities

  • Bark and compost for gardeners.


LFS is very flexible in regards to which activities (services) customers want to have done by LFS and which ones they prefer to do themselves.
E.g. you want your roundwood (raw material) stored in our park and you have a shed to season the logs. We will cut and split the roundwood for you and you may either self-collect the logs or have them delivered by LFS.


Just ask and LFS will find the best solution for you! 

Other Services

LFS also provides consulting, project management and operation support services for biomass log boilers. But LFS does not install such systems.

LFS buys Hardwood & Softwood timber

LFS does not sell any timber as this would be very inefficient (loadding, haulage, unloading and the same again!)

We are always interested to buy timber of good quality. Ideally

  • 3m length

  • up to 420mm / 16.5''

  • felled and roadside, smaller plots we can fell ourselfs, but we are not tree surgeons

Well seasoned Hard- & Softwood

Get the heat of a reallly well seasoned hardwood log.


This customer is regularly smuggling a load to the Isle of Skye even when the bridge is closed.

Animal Bedding: Shavings

These sheep must have a good life when their bedding is prepared so nicely with shavings and they are keeping the owner happy. 

What people are saying about LFS


On the page "What people are saying about LFS" you can read comments of visitors and customers. LFS always welcomes feedbacks or comments especially when they show us potential for improvement.

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